Protestant Baroque Church Meißenheim

Evangelische Barockkirche Meißenheim

The pieces of jewelry in the church, which was built in 1766, include the pulpit and the altar, which were made in stucco marble by the Swabian artist Christian Eitel. as well as Rococo cartridges on the long walls.

The well-known Silbermann organ on the gallery of the Alsatian organ builder, Johann Andreas Silbermann, is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in the church. Concerts by famous composers took place in the church.

Historians assume that it is the third or fourth church in the same location. The predecessor church was probably built in 1580. In 1763, it is said to have been demolished due to tightness and dilapidation. After a three-year construction period, the baroque church was built, which was dedicated to the triune God on October 28, 1766. The tower inscription “DEO TRIUNI 1766” reminds of this.

In 1999 the storm “Lothar” caused considerable damage to the church. Many donations of money and the sympathy of the whole village made a renovation possible.

October 1763

October 1764






1869 bis 1870


1909 bis 1912


1944 bis 1945





Laying of the foundation stone

Topping out ceremony

Tower construction and start of interior work

Completion of the organ by durch Joh. Andreas Silbermann, Straßburg

Repair on the church tower

Relocation of the cemetery

Memorial stone over the grave of Friedrike Brion on the church wall

Interior renovation of the church

New exterior plaster

Thorough repair of the church (electric lighting)

The Fallen Memorial was erected

War damage to the church

Repair work ended

Roof structure renovation

New tower clock and electric bell

Restoration of the Silbermann organ

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Evangelische Barockkirche Meißenheim
Evangelische Barockkirche Meißenheim
Evangelische Barockkirche Meißenheim