Residential areas

In order to meet the great demand for residential building land in our community, building land development is currently being promoted in both districts of the community.

With the establishment of the development plan “Kleinfeldele III”, the prerequisites for the development of a new building area have already been created in the district of Kurzell. The contracts for the development of the construction area are to be awarded by the summer, and construction is scheduled to start in autumn 2021. At the same time, the allocation guidelines for the allocation of building sites in the municipality are to be revised. The formal award procedure can probably also start in autumn 2021.

Would you like to be informed about the start of the allocation round? Then we can add you to the list of interested parties, all you have to do is send us your contact details in advance by e-mail.

Please note the following information on building site prices

All mentioned building site prices include:

  • Water supply contribution
  • Wastewater contribution
  • Development contributions
  • Property connections water and sewage
  • Survey costs

For example, none of the building site prices mentioned do not include:

  • if relocated, property connection gas supply
  • remaining pipe construction work on the natural gas connection
  • House connections water and sewage
  • Forward control shafts for sewage and rainwater
  • other ancillary costs outside the municipality (e.g. notary, land register, real estate transfer tax, telephone, electricity, gas house connection, etc.)