400 year old linden tree at State road 75

Linde Kürzell
Linde Kürzell

Popularly called “Zigeunerlinde”, this mighty linden tree adorns the southern junction of the State road 75 in the direction of Kürzell, along with two other linden trees. Experts have estimated the age of the linden tree to be 350 to 400 years.

It is therefore the oldest tree from Kürzell.

Due to the risk of breakage, the crowns of the linden tree had to be reduced in 2014. The natural monument is dying was announced in December 2013. With one treatment, the trees could be preserved for a few decades before they collapse. The linden trees are home to bats that are protected by species.

The tree specialist Andreas Pecho, “Die Wipfelstürmer”, changed the appearance of the linden trees, as the crowns had to be reduced to the length of the road. The side view, which resembled a bird (picture above), had to give way to the regulations.

The use of the seating area under the linden trees is no longer possible after the fence. The historic crossroads can only be viewed from a distance.

The village “Meroldsweiler” (Maroltswiler, Maroltzwilre, Meroltzwilr, Mertschwyler) was located in the area of the linden tree. Other settlements “Hoschweier” and “Mietershofen” are mentioned. Next to the linden tree is a weathered boundary stone from “Mietershofen” at the edge of the forest, a contemporary witness of the history of the settlements mentioned.