Midgepath oder Aue- Adventure trail

Holzbrücke Schnakenpfad

The Schnakenpfad (biting midges path) Meißenheim was created in 2004 with the participation of an agenda group and the Meißenheim home association. It extends over a length of eight kilometers and partly leads over narrow footpaths, but also over driveways. The paths are easy to walk on, but not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. Markings lead the visitors through the Schnakenpfad.

The starting point for the hike is the Schollenhütte (D ‘Schollehitt). From there, after a few meters, turn right over the dam. The sign “Wanderpfad” (Elzpfad) affixed there points into the Rhine forest which meanders along the continuous old retreat to the ford. After a few meters you have to pass a wooden bridge. Then the path meanders through the forest. A small patio right on the arm of the Rhine invites you to take a short break.

The rustling of the “ford” can already be heard from a distance. When you arrive “at the ford” you can see the water draining off like a staircase. A nice photo opportunity, but not the only one along the Schnoogepfad.

It continues over the “Rollwässerle” and the “Grenzerpfad” to the main Rhine dam. After a Schleige along the Rhine, the path leads back into the forest.

The “Langelochweg” leads into the “Lochenschollenweg” and ends at the Gänsweidbrücke. Continue around the Gänsweidsee to the “Brand”. Here you are near the boundary to the neighboring town of Ottenheim. Depending on the weather and season, the water blocks the way here, so you have to go back to the Tulladamm.

On the dam to Gänsweidstrasse, then back down into the Rheinwald via the “Schinderhüttenweg”. Past the “stake”, where people from Meißenheim embarked in the direction of Strasbourg until the 19th century. Some to sell their goods there in the market, others to say goodbye to the place for good and to emigrate.

You come back to the Schollenhütte via the “Rollwässerleweg” and the Tulladamm.