Entenköpfer Meißenheim

At the entrance to the bike path (on the former so-called Entenköpferbahn line) with restaurants, boccia, cable car, jump belts, turntable, water facilities, nest swing, roundabout and large sand playhouse, wooded area, sitting and resting.

Birkenweg Kürzell

Climbing, water system, cable car, rest area, play hill, sand play areas and large old trees.

Hellersgrund Meißenheim

Trampoline, spinning top, standing seesaw, swing, climbing frame and sand play house.

Schulgelände Kürzell

One and a half hectares of open space in the shade of over 50 large trees. Large meadow south: trees, football and other types of lawn. Inner courtyard: sealing, tree pergola, sitting, plants, basketball. Meadow north: trees, sitting, play and movement, balancing labyrinth. Open classroom: study in the open air, option of floor board games and oversized colored pencils. Bicycle workshop: practical learning and active movement.

Im Kleinfeldele Meißenheim

Swing, seesaw, climbing frame and sand playhouse.

Schulhof Meißenheim

Climbing frame and basketball court.